Tuition Policy

Tuition is a yearly fee to be paid in 9 monthly installments starting in September and ending in May. Each class is guaranteed to meet a minimum of 34 times during the school year.

The monthly fee is due by the 7th of each month. Your tuition fee will remain the same for each monthly payment, September through May. Our tuition is based on a 9 month period, not the amount of lessons per month. 

Should you choose to withdraw from a class after the 7th, you are still responsible for that month's tuition. There are no cash refunds.

No refunds or credits shall be given in the case of an absence.  In the event of an absence, you can contact the office for make up class availability.  In the case of an extended illness, a doctor's note will be needed for class credit. 

Excessive absenteeism can be cause for dismissal from a class. Competition classes have attendance requirements.

NSF charge is $35.oo per check

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Lisa's Cares

Since we opened our doors we have been a studio that has valued our families and our communities. Our dancers not only learn the art of performance, but the art giving back. Throughout the year we offer opportunities for students to serve our community. Whether we are collecting plastic bags for the Portage County Dog Warden or Performing at local nursing homes, we are helping our dancers use their talents to serve others.

Competition Team

Here at Lisa's, we believe that any dancer with the drive and desire to compete should be part of our competition team. We value work ethic and improvement as much as we do natural ability. Our competition teams compete 1-6 (or more) times a year. We have designated competition classes where you work on both technique and choreography.

*regularly attend classes
*commit to attending extra practices (at no extra charge)
*keep your account up to date
*commit to attending weekend competitions

If you are interested in joining our competition team contact us today!



We have an annual recital that takes place every June. Learn more about our recital policies by clicking the link below