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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I watch my son/daughter dance during class?

A. We do not allow parents/guardians to watch classes weekly. For first-year students, we have a parent observation where you can come see what your child has learned since starting at Lisa’s in November or December. If your dancer participates in competition, there are additional watch times for rehearsals.

Q. My dancer has a break in between classes. Do I need to come pick them up or can they stay at the studio?

A. No, you do not need to come pick up your dancer. They can stay in our designated dancer's waiting room until their next class. They are welcome to bring a snack or homework during their wait. There will be other dancers who will also be in the dancer's waiting room, please be kind and considerate to others between classes.

Q. What is the cost of costumes and when is the money due?

Costumes range in price. Recreational classes typically cost between $75.00 to $90.00 and competition class costumes cost typically between $125.00 to $250.00. Costume deposits are due October 15th for competition students and November 15th for recreational students with the rest of the balance due February 15th.

Q. Am I committed to the full year of dance or can we go month to month? What if my dancer misses a class or multiple classes in a month?

A. As we do encourage you to join for the year and finish with the end of year recital, we understand circumstances can change. If you decided to drop mid-month, we do not do any refunds. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy due to unforeseen circumstances. If you miss a class or multiple classes a month, you can make-up classes by attending another class. Refunds will not be given for missed classes. Dance credits will be given with a doctor excuse.

Q. Are you required to participate in recital?

A. No, you are not required to participate in recital. However, please let the office know before costumes are ordered. Contact the office no later than December 1st.

Q. Do dancers need to stay for the entire recital or can you leave when the dancer's numbers are complete?

A. We encourage everyone to stay for the entire recital. However, if for some reason you need to leave when your child is done, you can do this. Be advised that you would need to take your child and leave the facility. You are unable to take your child into the auditorium to watch the show.

Q. When and where will the recital be held?

A. Previously, recital has been held at Streetsboro High School, the second or third weekend of June. The dates and location for this year’s recital will be posted as soon as we have secured the dates and location. Dates are usually in early June.

Q. Who watches my dancer at recital? Will my dancer be allowed to sit with family before and after they perform at recital?

A. Your dancer will be in an assigned dressing room during the performance. Moms/guardians can volunteer to work during recital, regardless of your child’s age and experience. Moms of 3 & 4 years old are encouraged to sign up for backstage mom.


Students must remain in their assigned dressing rooms during the show. After the finale, one parent or guardian will be allowed to pick the student up from their dressing room.

Q. What if I would like to speak with my child’s teacher about how they are doing during class?

A. Please call the studio at (330) 626-2200 or (330) 621-0440. You can also email the studio to schedule an appointment at

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