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Welcome to Lisa's School of Dance

Celebrating 40 years of Excellence in Dance

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Our Story

Lisa's School of Dance opened in 1982 when Lisa Testa purchased the studio at the age of 17. She ran the studio while attending college at Kent State University as a Dance and Recreational Education major. 


The Studio originated just down the road from where we operate from today. It began with only one teacher (Lisa), one dance studio, and a very small office. Today, the studio has grown to 12+ teachers, four dance studios, and an extensive office staff. 


Lisa and her teaching staff have choreographed several award-winning routines which have been taken to regional and national competitions in Ohio and surrounding states and several of our teachers are certified Acrobatic Arts instructors. The studio has produced three National Title winners.  Competition students have traveled to dance on Broadway in NYC and Florida to dance in the Walt Disney World Parade. Many of our students have graduated and gone on to pursue careers in the dance field. Our instructors keep up to date with current trends in dance and safety to keep your dancer dancing for years to come. ​

Core Values

We pride ourselves in providing a positive, enjoyable environment in which students can learn the art of dance while growing physically, socially, and emotionally.

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Dance classes are a great way to keep your body strong and flexible all year round. Not only do dance classes keep your body strong, they help develop  cognitive and social emotional strength as well! Our classes provide dancers with sound, safe instruction while encouraging growth in confidence and self-esteem.


As a dancer at Lisa's School of dance we will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore your creativity. We provide opportunities for dancers to create choreography, to improv, to act, and to imagine. Our classes encourage our dancers to not only dream big, but to turn their dreams into reality!


At Lisa's we believe that the most important thing to be is KIND! When you step through our doors we want you to feel loved and welcome. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone belongs, is accepted, and has a friend. We believe that kindness (and a little bit of sparkle) can change the world!


You don't become a team because you work together, you work together because you are a team. The team building in our dance classes promotes teamwork not only on the dance floor, but in life too. Dancers who train with us benefit from increased problem solving skills, leadership qualities, partner work, and even productivity!

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