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Welcome! We're pretty excited you've come across our dance studio. Our Rising Stars tween program is perfect for keeping your aspiring dancer strong and flexible.

Our Rising Star program is taught by certified instructors with years of experience and special certifications. This program strengthens dance technique and knowledge in an entertaining and engaging environment. We foster creativity and kindness in our classes providing opportunities for our students to engage in both teacher and student led activities.

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Tap & Ballet Combination Class

In this specialty combination class, students will work on elements essential to developing proper Ballet & Tap technique. Previous training is not necessary. These classes emphasize technique, building self-esteem and developing stage presence.


Ballet Company

Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms, necessary for technical development of a dancer. Students in Ballet work on developing not only poise and grace, but strength, flexibility, and balance.



Tap dance is characterized by its rhythmical sounds produced by the feet. It is a fun and energetic form of dance where students learn precision, syncopation, and proper tap technique.



Jazz dance concentrates on proper body placement, technique, jumps, and turns. A high energy, dynamic and progressive class that trains every part of the dancer's body.

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Acrobatic Arts

Certified Acrobatic Arts instructors will help your dancer increase flexibility, strength, balance, and control while learning to tumble. Our program focuses on guiding your dancer through progressions teaching proper technique to protect your dancer's developing body.

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Modern & Lyrical

Modern is a free and expressive form of dance which provides the opportunity for self-expression. Students work on developing technique while learning to create unique movements and partnering.

Lyrical dance is an extension of ballet. It represents a poetic style of dancing with a flowing quality; an interpretation of the lyrics.

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Hip Hop

Learn the latest in funk and street style dance. Jammin' variations in dance combo using today's mega hits.

Musical Theatre Production

Musical Theater / Production

This class is a musical theater style dance class where a story is brought to life! Dancers learn the importance of acting while dancing, developing confidence, stage presence, character interpretation all while building self-esteem. Don't worry, you don't really have to sing...but you will have to look like you are!

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